September 5-8, 2012: How Digital Editions and Digital Data can Bridge the Gap Between the Production and Dissemination of Research in HPS and Beyond

The 9th workshop of the Digital HPS consortium, the first in Europe, is devoted to the continuous exchange of ideas and tools and to broaden the focus by fostering exchanges with European projects. As with all previous workshops, the program will include updates on new developments as well as a focus on how digital editions and data can bridge the gap between the production and dissemination of research in HPS and beyond. Contributions and updates on all topics are welcome. A preliminary list of topics can be found below.

  • Update on computational tools and ways of sharing/adapting tools
  • How to build a communal infrastructure and repositories for digital HPS projects; updates and future directions (this is relevant for funding purposes)
  • Big data and HPS: challenges and opportunities (including analytic and visualization tools)
  • Digital Editions as research and dissemination tools
  • Historical data as resources for current science: challenges and opportunities (with special emphasis on biodiversity data and studies)
  • Host: 
    Cambridge University
    Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, UK