August 26-28: 2016 Digital HPS Consortium Meeting in Norman, Oklahoma

The 2016 Digital HPS Consortium meeting was held from the morning of Friday, August 26 through Sunday, August 28 in Norman, Oklahoma. All sessions took place in the Bizzell Memorial Library on the campus of the University of Oklahoma--the host of the 2016 meeting.

Please go to the Norman 2016 dHPS meeting information page, available here ( for more information on the conference venue.

Postponed: September 11-13: 2015 Digital HPS Consortium Annual Meeting, Norman, Oklahoma

Meeting postponed until Spring 2016. Updates will be made available to this website as they emerge.
"Dear Digital HPS participants,

After consultation with the chairs and founders of the Digital HPS consortium, we have decided to postpone the Norman workshop until next spring. Due to a variety of reasons, including competing schedules and overall strategic planning, we think that a meeting next spring will be more productive.

A provisional date will be announced on the website in a few weeks.

September 6-7, 2013: Digital HPS Meeting 2013 in Bloomington, IN

The Digital HPS Consortium held its annual workshop and meeting September 6 and 7, 2013, at Indiana University Bloomington. Bill Newman and Wally Hooper hosted the event, and can be contacted with further questions regarding the program. The program itinerary is posted below, as well as the minutes and the new consortium appointment that arose from that meeting.

September 5-8, 2012: How Digital Editions and Digital Data can Bridge the Gap Between the Production and Dissemination of Research in HPS and Beyond

The 9th workshop of the Digital HPS consortium, the first in Europe, is devoted to the continuous exchange of ideas and tools and to broaden the focus by fostering exchanges with European projects. As with all previous workshops, the program will include updates on new developments as well as a focus on how digital editions and data can bridge the gap between the production and dissemination of research in HPS and beyond. Contributions and updates on all topics are welcome. A preliminary list of topics can be found below.

April 12-15, 2012: Model Organisms and Bioinformatics Workshop

We hope to develop and refine some bioinformatics tools to inform key debates about the choice of model organisms in developmental biology and neuroscience. Several distinct literatures have arisen in regard to the use and justification of model organisms in biology. These literatures are mainly conceptual in content, reflecting the experiences and perspectives of biologists, historians, and philosophers; a few contributions have an empirical basis, as well.