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What is Digital HPS?

Digital History and Philosophy of Science (dHPS) brings together historians and philosophers of science, with informaticians, computer scientists, and reference librarians with the goal of thinking of new ways to integrate traditional scholarship with digital tools and resources.

We encourage you to look at our projects page to get an idea of the type of projects and participants involved in digital HPS.

About the Consortium

On Saturday April 16, 2011, in the meeting room of the Einstein Papers, the Digital HPS Consortium was established. The mission is to develop, support, and promote digital HPS projects, including editing, publishing, and scholarly tools to make this possible. Insofar as possible, and recognizing the challenges and constraints, the Consortium is committed to open source and open access products. We are committed to developing sustainable infrastructure for the projects and products. Read more...

Get Involved

If you want to participate in the digital HPS Consortium or if you have a tool that should be listed here, please get in touch with Julia Damerow (digitalhpscon@gmail.com).