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The annual 2014 Digital HPS Consortium Meeting will be held 1 to 3 September in Nancy, France. With support from the Henri-Poincaré Archives (University of Lorraine & CNRS) and the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Lorraine, the meeting is being organized by Olivier Bruneau, Pierre Couchet, and Scott Walter. If you have any questions, please visit the updated page for the meeting, which has detailed instructions for registration and travel.

Digital HPS at the History of Science Society Meeting, 2013

Arizona State University consortium members, Julia Damerow and Erick Pierson, are presenting a Digital HPS session on tools and methods at the 2013 History of Science Society Meeting in Boston. Along with ASU, many other institutions participating in digital tools and methods are participating in the event, scheduled for Friday night, 8:45pm - 10:00pm, in the Alcott Room, on the Mezzanine Level.


2014 Digital HPS Consortium Meeting Announced

To keep abreast of the continually evolving meeting plan, please see the revised update "2014 Digital HPS Consortium Annual Meeting: September 1-3 In Nancy, France," or the page devoted to meeting content and logistics, to be updated as those specifics emerge: "September 1-3: 2014 Digital HPS Consortium Annual Meeting, Nancy, France."

Minutes from the 10th Annual Consortium Meeting in Bloomington, Indiana

Digital HPS Consortium Meeting, Fall 2013

Next Year's Meeting:
Fall 2014 Digital History and Philosophy of Science Consortium Meeting
Organized by? Olivier Bruneau, Scott Walter and others
Where? Nancy, France
When? Early September
Length? Possible two part meeting. First part open to European digital projects to serve as introduction to DHPS, combination of training with standards and methods. Second part more traditional meeting of the DHPS Consortium.

2013 Digital HPS Consortium Meeting Finalized

The Digital HPS Consortium will hold its annual workshop and meeting September 6 and 7, 2013, at Indiana University Bloomington. Bill Newman and Wally Hooper will be hosting the event, and can be contacted with further questions regarding travel and logistics. The program itinerary is forthcoming, and if you would like to participate please contact Bill and Wally with an abstract for your proposal as soon as possible.

HSS Newsletter: "Digital History and Philosophy of Science Consortium Meets at Cambridge"

The History of Science Society published a full synopsis of the September 2012 meeting of the Digital HPS Consortium. In the October 2012 newsletter, "Digital History and Philosophy of Science Consortium Meets at Cambridge" outlines the sessions presented at the event, which ranged in topic from discussions of open-access standards and crowd-sourced public participation, to more technical aspects of metadata and computational tools.

Bloomington Indiana HPS Meeting 2013

Members of the Digital HPS consortium are convening at Indiana University Bloomington between February 18th and 20th. The spring 2013 meeting among Digital HPS consortium members will bring together researchers to discuss infrastructure development for future computational projects. Bill Newton and Wally Hooper of the Department for History and Philosophy of Science are hosting Manfred Laubichler and graduate students from Arizona State University in order to strengthen the collaboration between institutions.