Newton Project

The Newton Project, based at the University of Sussex, seeks to create an Open Access digital edition of all of Sir Isaac Newton’s (1642–1727) writings. The searchable TEI-P5 transcriptions include his personal, theological, scientific, mathematical and administrative papers, as well as his correspondence; the alchemical papers are being published online to the same standards by the Chymistry of Isaac Newton Project at Indiana University. The transcriptions include both formal work that was printed, and all of Newton's unpublished personal writings. The Newton Project offers both diplomatic and normalized versions of his writings, so that researchers can view the full amendments to the work as it progressed, or access the normalized version of the manuscripts which are more reader friendly. The project also aims to contextualize Newton's transcripts, by including translations, commentaries, digital images of the original texts, filmed interviews with scientists and historians, and detailed histories of the fate of the archive in the decades since Newton's death. In addition, the site includes a list of his library titles, transcriptions of all published and unpublished pre-1900 English language biographies, transcriptions of eighteenth century popularisations of his works, and a full set of images of the Newton-related papers of John Maynard Keynes.

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