February 26-27, 2011: Digital Editions and the History & Philosophy of Science Online

On Saturday April 16, 2011, in the meeting room of the Einstein Papers, the Digital HPS Consortium was established. The mission was: "To develop, support, and promote digital HPS projects, including editing, publishing, and scholarly tools to make this possible. Insofar as possible, and recognizing the challenges and constraints, the Consortium is committed to open source and open access products."

Building on previous results of the NSF supported digital HPS consortium and initiative, this workshop brought together scholars and specialists in the areas of digital editions of collected works, digital editions of manuscripts, and digital publishing of scholarly works. The Digital Editing Workshop reviewed and evaluated current methodologies and practices in the area of digital editions and related issues (such as archiving, oral history, author's rights, digital rights) and developed a road map for future development in informatics solutions supporting editing projects. The meeting also discussed the sustainability of digital editions and related projects.

This workshop was co-sponsored by the Einstein Papers Project at Caltech and the NSF-funded Embryo Project at Arizona State University and held at Caltech in Pasadena, California.

Topics included:

  • Review of previous Digital HPS workshops
  • Standards for archiving and storage of documents (paper, digital, images, objects, oral interviews)
  • Standards for permissions of digital and print objects, including experiments (copyright issues for archives, estates, publishers, authors)
  • Standards for metadata, harvesting technologies and whether some criteria for consistency can be reached across platforms
  • Tools for mining data from documents and other objects
  • Best practices for implementing network of projects
  • Host: 
    Einstein Papers Project