February 26-27, 2010: Digital HPS Initiative Summit

The Digital HPS Initiative Summit was held at the MBL from February 25-28, 2010. The goal of this workshop was to map out a detailed plan for a distributed digital infrastructure. It brought together major projects and stakeholders in Digital HPS. This Summit was sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The Summit recognized that a community of digital projects in the history and philosophy of science requires a number of shared technologies and protocols that will further development of digital projects in the humanities. In order to facilitate this cyberinfrastructure, the Summit agreed that the following be investigated further:

  • HPS Informatics Boot Camp
  • Repositories and interoperability between them
  • Tools for data mining
  • Editing procedures of current projects
  • Publishing a journal devoted to digital HPS-related issues
  • Host: 
    Marine Biological Laboratory
    Woods Hole, Massachussets