Darwin Correspondence Project

The Darwin Correspondence Project is a digital endeavor that seeks to transcribe the letters written by Charles Darwin during the course of his lifetime. Over 15,000 correspondences to or from Darwin are included on the website with a brief description. Approximately half of those letters are completely annotated and publicly accessible.

Jim Secord, Director, University of Cambridge (jas1010@cam.ac.uk)
Janet Browne, General Editor, Harvard University
Rosemary Clarkson, Archivist, Cambridge University
Sophie Defrance, Coordinator, Cambridge University (sd260@cam.ac.uk)
Samantha Evans, Editor, Cambridge University (sje25@cam.ac.uk)
Philippa Hardman, Coordinator, Cambridge University
Shelley Innes, Editor, Cambridge University
Alison Pearn, Associate Director, Cambridge University (ab55@cam.ac.uk)
Anne Secord, Editor, Cambridge University (pas6@cam.ac.uk)
Elizabeth Smith, Editor, Cambridge University (els47@cam.ac.uk)
Sally Stafford, Education and Outreach Officer, Cambridge University (srs48@cam.ac.uk)
Paul White, Editor, Cambridge University
Geoff Belknap, Editor, Harvard University
Katie Ericksen Baca, Research Assistant, Harvard University
Meg Formato, Assistant Editor, Harvard University
Myrna Perez, Assistant Editor, Harvard University
Jenna Tonn, Assistant Editor, Harvard University
Andy Corrigan, Cambridge University (acc60@cam.ac.uk)