Digital HPS at the History of Science Society Meeting, 2013

Arizona State University consortium members, Julia Damerow and Erick Pierson, are presenting a Digital HPS session on tools and methods at the 2013 History of Science Society Meeting in Boston. Along with ASU, many other institutions participating in digital tools and methods are participating in the event, scheduled for Friday night, 8:45pm - 10:00pm, in the Alcott Room, on the Mezzanine Level.

1. To expose HSS attendees to some of the cool things happening in the Digital HPS world, and
2. To create an informal, friendly space where people interested in digital approaches can be inspired, discuss ideas, and get more information.

Multiple stations will be set up around the edges of the room, each with a small data projector on a table (2'x6')-- one per demonstrator. After a brief intro (see below), each demonstrator will give a short plug (~5 minutes) for their tool, technique, or project, with visual aids.

Attendees will then be encouraged to go around and talk to demonstrators at their respective tables, to get more information. We'd like to encourage you to be ready to demonstrate your tools in more detail, or at least have additional slides ready on your computer, to show to interested attendees that walk up during the session.

(2') Erick - welcome; format + agenda.
(5') Manfred Laubichler -- Brief introduction: "What is Digital HPS, and why should we care?"
(5') Wally Hooper - Newton project
(5') Daron Dierkes -- George Engelmann correspondence project
(5') Adam Goldstein -- Darwin manuscripts project
(5') Scott Walter -- Poincaré project -- A workflow overview from digitized manuscript to annotated LaTeX transcription to MathML/PDF display & Omeka
(5') Julia Damerow + Erick Peirson -- ASU Digital Innovation Group -- Vogon text annotation + network-building platform.