Minutes from the 10th Annual Consortium Meeting in Bloomington, Indiana

Digital HPS Consortium Meeting, Fall 2013

Next Year's Meeting:
Fall 2014 Digital History and Philosophy of Science Consortium Meeting
Organized by? Olivier Bruneau, Scott Walter and others
Where? Nancy, France
When? Early September
Length? Possible two part meeting. First part open to European digital projects to serve as introduction to DHPS, combination of training with standards and methods. Second part more traditional meeting of the DHPS Consortium.

Appointed Positions:
Steering Committee and Chairs:
Co-chair: Urs Schoepflin (Max Planck Institute)
Co-chair: Scott Walter (The Poincaré Correspondence Project, University of Lorraine)
1. Alison Pearn (Cambridge University)
2. Rick Creath (Arizona State University)
3. David Kohn (Darwin Manuscript Project)
4. Kerry Magruder (Oklahoma University)
5. Scott Weingart (Indiana University)

Rotating position, chair will appoint someone to take notes every meeting.

Editors for website:
Jane Maienschein (Arizona State University)
Matt Person (Biodiversity Heritage Library, Marine Biological Laboratory)
Erica O’Neil (Arizona State University)

Working Groups:
Dissolved in response to inactivity in past years.

Action Items:
For presenters at this year’s conference:
1. Abstract of presentation at this conference, for publication to the website. Optional: May include powerpoint with summary slides, a youtube video of your presentation, or any other materials to accompany the talks.

General tasks discussed, to be appointed by Steering Committee:
1. Report about this meeting for publication: Alison Pearn volunteers to begin process. Option of including others and editing through google docs, with video or traditional conference call to collaborate.
2. Grant proposal for training: Bill and Wally to start process, with hopes of a collaborative, international, multi-institution training program on behalf of the Consortium.
3. Standards: Defining best practices of Consortium, using existing digital projects as exemplars. Catapult Center example proposed. Discussion of 2 separate issues: what are standards and where are standards, versus what sort of standards are people using and how can we learn from each other.
Erick Pierson, et al. at ASU will be presenting a panel at HSS in November, which can serve as a useful in person collaborative period to reflect on tasks assigned or challenges encountered.
4. Website aims: Create survey to query usability and where consortium members see future of website going. Increase social media presence. Create project page for the World History of Science Online (with Stephan Weldon), and ensure DHPS projects are represented in that listing. Set up RSS feed across established projects with blogs to aggregate updates (BHL, Darwin projects, etc.). Link to pieces published about DHPS. Yearly update of project information, possible RSS feed. Display “How to get involved” link with email sign-up prominent on front page.
5. Establish article series alternative to publication in traditional journals, something similar to the Stanford Literary Lab, which publishes pamphlets instead of journal articles, which are academically well received. Bill proposes that Indiana University volunteer to start off an article series.
6. Publish minutes of the DHPS meeting.

Going forward to Nancy:
1. Circulate potential white paper topic for discussion in Nancy: On current topic yet to be determined (advocacy for open access, etc.). Topic to be agreed upon ahead of time, discussed at meeting, and published later to present different views on a point. Takes advantage of immediacy of conference.
2. Publish minutes of the DHPS meeting to website after the meeting.
3. Consider outreach panels at different society meetings with points of intersection to DHPS. For instance, the History of Science Society 2013 meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Contact Erick Peirson if interested in participating (Erick.Peirson@asu.edu).